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Can you Become a Nail Tech Online?

by Online Courses Learning
Can you Become a Nail Tech Online?

It is the professional who performs specific aesthetic treatments for hands and feet, applying manicure, pedicure, nail sculpture and application of artificial prostheses. The objective is, fundamentally, to take care of and beautify these parts of the body.

The beautician with this specialty has to master the different existing techniques in the placement of sculpted nails, always seeking maximum naturalness. In the same way, you must know the wide range of decorative possibilities that exist: airbrush techniques, jewelry inlays, etc.


Nail Technician Online Course


Main Tasks Working as a Nail Tech:

  • Receive customers and, first of all, check that they do not suffer from any disease in the hands or nails, for which any of the manicure or pedicure work could be harmful. He knows perfectly the most common types of disorders suffered by natural nails, advising the most appropriate treatments or cosmetic products to treat them.
  • Consult with the client about their needs and specify what work they will do: either an aesthetic treatment, a simple manicure, a decoration for a special event or, where appropriate, the placement of prostheses in its various modalities.
  • Make a technical sheet in which all the personal data of the person are collected, specifying the type of nails, shape, color, thickness and other peculiarities to take into account.
  • This file will serve to record what type of treatment the client receives in each session and serves as a reference in future visits.
  • MANICURE AND PEDICURE: In these common jobs for hands and feet, clean the nails of residues, file them carefully, hydrate them, work the cuticles, apply hardening treatments if necessary and apply the enamels. First a protective base, then the colored nail polish and then the gloss, if desired. He also performs special massages for hands and feet for relaxing and circulatory purposes.
  • SPECIAL MAKE-UP: If the client requests decorative work, work the nails with an airbrush, using templates or drawing on them freely. It also places adhesives specially designed to stick on the enameled nail as a decoration. Another more sophisticated form of ornamentation is inlaid with rhinestones or colored threads.
  • SCULPTED NAILS: On the occasions in which it is decided to place false nails, the specialist decides, analyzing the pros and cons, which technique is best suited to the case of the client. Giving the pertinent explanations to the interested party, decide which process is most appropriate to achieve the desired result. There are three types of false nails: porcelain nails, fiberglass nails or gel with calcium. It is recommended that the professional know all the possibilities, although sometimes specialization is chosen in one of them. After a prosthesis placement, he advises the client on how to take care of his hands to guarantee the duration of the nails. Still, as the natural nail continues to grow, the work will need to be touched up on a regular basis.
  • AESTHETIC TREATMENTS: apply treatments to improve the condition of the hands and feet: for example, paraffins, peels, mud coatings, flower baths, etc. According to the specialty or the possibilities of the workplace.
  • To always be up-to-date, it monitors the latest trends in nail work, and thus knows new techniques, the fashionable colors in each season, the irruption of new products, enamels, etc.
  • If you are a self-employed professional, you have to organize your work schedule, control the stock of products, consumables, tools, etc., and place the pertinent orders to replace them.
  • A nail specialist with a certain level can occasionally teach courses to transmit their knowledge and experience to people who are new to the subject.

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