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Microsoft Excel Level 2

Microsoft Excel Level 2

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Microsoft Excel Certification Level 2

If it's not too much trouble, Note: This course utilizes the Windows form of Microsoft Office 2016. Some other adaptations will have a few contrasts in the capacities.


The Microsoft (MS) Excel Accreditation Level 2 instructional class will take what the staff part found in the Degree 1 program just as increment on it, teaching them further developed ideas than those that were introduced in the previous instructional class.

What's Covered in the Training course?

The item in the Degree 2 course is created for those that team up with Excel in the workplace just as dream to upgrade their capacities. Regardless of whether the worker is associated with monetary speculations, banking or counseling, the web substance will surely serve for anyone that tracks just as examinations a lot of information.

Representatives that are new to the workforce will need to ensure that they are outfitted with in any event middle of the road (Level 2) Excel capacities.

Prior to starting this Degree 2 instructional class, the staff part should have a decent handle of the Level 1 Excel capacities. Those with experience in Excel may truly feel that they can miss the Level 1 course, yet it is prescribed to in any event evaluate the course material, before starting the Level 2 material.

The instructional class shows colleagues how to utilize highlights, comprising of AVERAGEA, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS just as ABS. They will moreover find information acknowledgment subtleties, focusing on the sort of data approval, like date, list and furthermore time, notwithstanding considerably more data on specific highlights, comprising of CHAR, CODE, MEAN, MODE and ROUND and furthermore precisely how to utilize these capacities, to fulfill the association's requirements.

Different subtleties in the Level 2 program remembers exactly how to change text for Excel, e.g., modifying text to all top occurrence or diminished circumstance. Staff part will absolutely likewise find exactly how to change the set of experiences just as add a customized photograph, how to use AutoFill just as how to embed unique characters.

After completing the instructional class, workers will find out about the greater part of the capacities that Excel has just as precisely how to utilize the product program at a transitional level, which does the trick to have the option to utilize Excel in a ton of business settings.

What are the Conveniences of the Program?

Dominate information examination devices have applications all through the association;

Like the Degree 1 program, the Degree 2 instructional class makes up short modules, accessible on a gadget that can connection to the web;

Lifetime admittance to the program items empowers understudies to change any of the item any time later on;

On-line learning support is taken care of your staff individuals.

Course Modules/Lessons

Module 1: SumProduct Formula
Module 2 : Data Validation With Date
Module 3 : Data Validation with Whole Numbers
Module 4 : Data Validation with List Feature
Module 5 : ABS Function
Module 6 : CHAR Function
Module 7 : CLEAN Function
Module 8 : CODE Function
Module 9 : EXACT Function
Module 10 : AVERAGEA Function
Module 11 : AVERAGEIF
Module 12 : AVERAGEIFS Function
Module 13 : CELL Function With 10 Variations
Module 14 : LARGE Function
Module 15: MAX Function
Module 16: MEDIAN Function
Module 17: MIN Function
Module 18: MODE Function
Module 19 : N Function
Module 20 : RANDBETWEEN Function (Insert Random Numbers)
Module 21 : RANK Function
Module 22 : Remove Duplicate Values
Module 23 : ROUND Function Up/Down
Module 24 : Add Custom Background Image
Module 25: Change Text To Lower Case
Module 26: Change Text To Upper Case
Module 27: Change Text To Proper Case
Module 28: Insert Special Character
Module 29: Use Autofill : A Time Saving Trick
Module 30: Treemap Chart
Module 31: Sunburst Chart
Module 32: Use Tables
Module 33: Use Templates
Module 34: Use Themes

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