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Stress Management In the Workplace

Stress Management In the Workplace

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Stress is one of those words that employers dread. A certain amount of stress is good for motivation and productivity, but, when it reaches a level that affects productivity and morale, it can result in sickness and time off work. A stressful workforce is generally not a happy one - it can be demotivated and inefficient. Being able to recognise the signs of stress is key, and that is where this course comes in. For any employer that understands that the welfare of their employees has an impact on the bottom line, this course delivers valuable key outcomes. The course is beneficial to team leaders and managers who need to be able to identify stress, who is stressed and what the stressors are. It is also useful to employees who work in continuously stressful environments, as it provides them with tools and skills, in order to manage their stress levels, to maintain a good level of wellbeing.


What’s Covered in the Course?

Any employee studying this course will cover the following main topics:
  • A comprehensive overview of what stress is and what it looks and feels like, as it relates to the workplace and the particular role of the employee;
  • Tips, tricks and advice for learning how to deal with stress in the workplace;
  • Understanding what burnout means and what it involves and how stress comes about and what contributes to it;
  • The negative effects that stress has on the body and how to cope with stress in the workplace;
  • How to develop the skills and confidence with which to deal with stress at work, under all circumstances and in all scenarios;
  • How to encourage and respond to all types of feedback, both positive and negative, in an effective way;
  • Tips, tricks and advice that help employees learn to deal with stress at work in a positive way;
  • How to create an action plan that can be personalised, in order to help anyone deal with stress in the workplace.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

The course’s main benefits include:
  • Employee well-being and job satisfaction are increased through the self-management of stress;
  • Team leaders and managers are better equipped to identify stress and provide assistance, before it reaches a debilitating stage;
  • The working environment is enhanced, the workplace is happier, and the workforce is more content;
  • It is online and allows the learner to study flexibly and in their own time;
  • Full online support is available for the learner.

Course Modules:

  • Module 1 : What Is Stress?
  • Module 2 : Individual Perceptions of Stress
  • Module 3 : Developing Face-To-Face Confidence
  • Module 4 : Handling Objections
  • Module 5 : Encouraging and Responding to Positive and Negative Feedback
  • Module 6 : Using Your Body Language for Impact

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What is CPD?

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CPD is a great way for individuals to gain new skills, improve their job prospects, gain greater job satisfaction and also help to secure a promotion.

Benefits of CPD
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Enhance your employment opportunities
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Contribute to your CV
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Prepare you for promotion
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